Slop Oil Emulsion Treatment Package


The ValuebackTM Oil Emulsion Treatment Package allows you to significantly reduce the volume of wasted oil by removing solids and water from the emulsion, recovering a valuable asset.


encanex developed this system specifically for Nexen for the treatment of Slop Oil in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Defense & Security, Municipalities and Industrial Sectors.


  • Tricanter Centrifuge
  • Polymer Dosing System
  • Pre-treatment Tank
  • Solids Auger Tank
  • Electrical Transformer
  • Vapor Recovery Unit
  • Water Filter Skid
  • By Product Tankage
  • LED Lights
  • Class 1 Division 1 Electrical Classification


  • Pulls valuable oil from emulsion materials
  • Custom manufactured to your requirements
  • Capable of mobilizing to site

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