Dedicated to creating innovative solutions to...

Recover valuable resources from waste.

Reduce environmental impact

Reduce environmental impact.

Fabricate customized structures and equipment.

encanex is a Canadian company founded in 2005

We collaborate with our customers to fabricate customized structures and equipment through our ModuworksTM division, as well as, highly sophisticated solutions that reduce environmental impact and recover  valuable resources from waste through our ValuebackTM Manufacturing and ValuebackTM Onsite divisions. We have facilities in Nova Scotia  and Alberta. Our solutions can be found with customers in the Oil & Gas, Defense & Security, Mining, Forestry, Municipalities and Industrial sectors.

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Halifax, Nova Scotia
Head Office

6 Long Lake Drive,
Ragged Lake Business Park,
Halifax, NS  B3S 1T4
+1 • 902 • 454 • 9318


115, 1925 18 Avenue NE,
Calgary, AB  T2E 7T8
+1 • 587 • 215 • 0993


encanex personnel believe execution and delivery of superior quality goods and services is only made possible through effective leadership. Safety stewardship, environmental responsibility and operational excellence are achieved by drawing on the depth of the leadership team experience as well as the constant diligence and competence of the entire Encanex Team.

Derek Bent - Chief Operating Officer

Derek Bent

Chief Operating Officer

Dave Aldus - Vice President Technical Services

Dave Aldus

Vice President Technical Services

Ron Moon - Director Business Development

Ron Moon

Director Business Development


We are dedicated to creating innovative solutions for our customers. Inherent in what we do is a passion for creating one-of-a-kind systems that are specifically and precisely tailored down to the most minute detail. Achieving this level of customization and industry innovation is accomplished by maintaining genuine intrigue in the customer’s operations. This makes encanex the most versatile provider of these applications.


encanex will design and manufacture customized steel structures for both onshore & offshore applications.

Custom applications include, but aren’t limited to:

Command centres
Control centres
Communication centres
Work camps
Training units
Storage units
Washroom/Locker room units

Encanex has extensive experience in design and manufacturing to DNV Standards 2.7.1, 2.7.2 & 2.7.3

encanex will design, manufacture and integrate customized processing systems for both onshore & offshore applications.

Custom designs and applications include, but aren’t limited to:

Crude and Slop Oil Process Systems
Lime Sludge De-watering Systems
Mud Cooling Systems
Solids De-watering Systems
Diesel Oil Centrifuge Packages
Drilling Drains Treatment Systems
NORM De-scaling and Disposal
Waste Water Treatment Systems


encanex onsite services are capable of treating contaminated waste streams and recovering value from various byproducts. Encanex has extensive experience in managing various waste streams and applications.

Types of emulsion from which value can be recovered by way of these systems include, but are not limited to:

Slop Oil
Lime Sludge
Rag Layer Draws
Tank Bottoms
Off-spec Oil
Oil Tank Skimmings
Water Treatment
Drill Waste
Pond Dredging

Capable of mobilizing to sites while maintaining a small footprint.



Our Process


Business Development

Locate and identify prospective customers

Research and understand customer’s project requirements and request applicable supporting documentation

Assure understanding of work scope and determine whether or not encanex can deliver the required solutions

Properly communicate the solutions necessary


Design Development

Review provided project specific schematics and gather further information if required

Assure understanding of work scope

Understand and comply with all applicable design and specification standards/regulations

Collaborate with the customer throughout the design/development process

Scrutinize specifications to assure the highest level of quality for the custom design



Develop detailed design schematics supported by the provided specifications

Draw on commercial technologies as required

Engage third party authorities for oversight as required

Continually engage the customer throughout the process, specifically for approval on design/development and component/material selections

Develop project specific quality controls and procedures



Assure component/material acquisitions align with the applicable specification requirements and project regulations

Acquire components/materials that are reliable, available, cost effective, and of a high quality to assure short and long term advantages to the applicable project


Fabrication & Assembly Testing

Draw on trades’ expertise to execute custom solutions

Employ a pervasive quality control/assurance program specifically tailored to each development process

Strictly adhere to applicable standards and collaborate with certifying authorities as required

Refer to extensive documentation packages that apply specifically to the project at hand


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